Saturday night fans packed the Pageant for a sold out Blue October show.

The first time I heard Blue October was back in 2000 when a now defunct radio station 93x played ‘James’ off their second album Consent to Treatment, and was extremally happy when they played it near the end of the set. I picked up a copy soon after and have been following the band ever since.

Frontman Justin Furstenfeld is very personal with the crowed and tells many stories throughout the night. Like when him and his brother would go to their grandparent’s house and watch MTV back when they still showed music videos and not things like 15 and Pregnant and seeing bands like Mötley Crüe and Poison. Or how he has a friend that loves fireflies and he bet her that he could get 2000 of them to show up in the middle of a concert to which he had everyone in the crowd turn on their flashlights on their phones during ’18th Floor Balcony’. He also talked about how he had a special friend named Jeff Burton (a 105.7 The Point DJ who recently lost his battle with cancer) who he wanted to dedicate this next song (‘Home’) to. He said that they are going to be here December 6th to celebrate Jeff and his family and how he remembered talking to Jeff years ago when he (Justin) was in his drunken state and Jeff would be sitting on his deck smoking a cigar saying everything was going to be OK. Highlights of the night for me were ‘Oh My My’, ‘Hate Me’, ‘James’, and ‘I Hope You’re Happy”

Bitnik Bandits