It was all treats with no tricks Monday night at Delmar Hall with The Inflatables, I mean Echosmith on their The Hang Around tour. The band consisting of siblings Sydney, Noah and Graham Sierota came out dressed in inflatable costumes for Halloween with Sydney as an inflatable arm guy, Noah as a chicken, and Graham as Porky Pig. I have been lucky to have caught the band at different stages of their career. The first time was back in 2014 on the Vans Warped Tour, then again in 2015 when they opened for Twenty One Pilots, and more recently in 2018 here at Delmar Hall.

The band played ‘Gelato’ and ‘Over My Head’ while in costume as The Inflatables. While taking off the costumes Sydney talked with fans saying how grateful they were to the fans for coming out and see them tonight and that this tour is all about reconnecting with the fans.

Before playing ‘Bright’ Sydney said I love love and this song has been used by so many people to walk down the isle, walk back up the isle, first dances. It’s off our first album and it had some love songs on it but that’s before I ever was in a relationship that was not inside my own head. This song means a lot more to me now and I get more from singing it after now being in a relationship.

Around the midpoint of the night the band talked about how back before we went on tour we asked our fans what some of the songs you wanted us to play on this tour. We got custom fortune cookies made with some of our songs inside them even Cool Kids cookie version as people miss hear lyrics so they figured they would put that in to. The song ended up being Cool Kids cookie version in which they inserted cookie references into the lyrics. After the song Sydney said that Oreos were her favorite cookie, Graham said snickerdoodle, and Noah said his were iced animal crackers.

Even with a small crowd the band came to have fun and it showed in their performance. The band closed the spooktacular night out with their breakout hit ‘Cool Kids’.

Standout songs for the night were ‘Over My Head’, ‘Diamonds’, ‘Lonely Generation’, and ‘Cool Kids’.

Opening bands for the night were Band of Silver and Lostcrowboy

Band of silver