Wednesday night fans braved the freezing rain and lowering temperatures and Imagine Dragons brought the fire in return. The stage kind of reminded me of U2’s Elevation Tour but instead of a heart shaped catwalk off the main stage with fans in the middle it was three catwalks, one from each side and a third running down the center to a smaller circular stage around the center of the floor with fans in the middle of the three catwalks. As the lights went down all eyes were on the stage to see lead singer Dan Reynolds and the rest of the band to take the stage but Reynolds had other plans as he emerged from the center of the smaller circular stage to a roar of applause and kicked things off with ‘My Life’, the opening track off the bands latest album ‘Mercury – Act 1’. As Reynolds made his way to the stage the curtain came down to reveal the rest of the band with showers of confetti raining down on the fans. Next up was ‘Believer’ and ‘Polaroid / Hopeless Opus’ both of which saw Reynolds running back and forth on the catwalks shaking fans hands as he sang. Unfortunately I was only able to stay for the first three songs and the person who was going to review the show was under the weather so I asked my two nephews who were in attendance a few questions.

Carson age 8: (Also his first concert)

What was your favorite part of the concert?

Singing Radioactive and when the middle stage raised.

Favorite song?

Obviously ‘Radioactive’

Do you want to go to more concerts?

Obviously yes, as long as it’s Imagine Dragons or Marshmello.

Mason age 10:

What was your favorite song they played?


What was your favorite part of concert?

The beginning part when Imagine Dragons came out on stage.

What you like/dislike about concert?

I liked how how there was sparks, confetti, and fire spitting (pyrotechnics)

Was this better/worse than the other concerts you’ve seen?

Unlike the other concerts this one had a lot of people.