Monday night Papa Emeritus IV and his Nameless Ghouls brought a little bit of Hell to the SLU campus. As with the previous times seeing the band several fans were dressed in costumes as previous Papa Emeritus or as devils and the such.

Opening things off was Twin Temple a ‘Satanic doo-wop’ band fronted by the husband and wife duo of singer Alexandra James, and guitarist Zachary James. The band opened with what could possibly be the first Satanic blessing at the Jesuit campus. Alexandra asked the crowd if they would like to be in a Satanic orgy to a roaring crowd before jumping into ‘Let’s Have A Satanic Orgy’.

Since the last tour a few things have changed. Gone are the chrome facemasks of the Nameless Ghouls and the have been replaced with what is more a steampunk or post-apocalyptic type mask and Cardinal Copia was “elevated” to become Papa Emeritus IV. If you were wanting to hear the new single ‘Call Me Little Sunshine’ off their upcoming album ‘Impera‘ tonight you were out of luck as the band is under contract to debut it live on Jimmy Kimmel Live! but did kick off things with a new song ‘Kaisarion’ from the upcoming album. Papa Emeritus IV goes through so many costume changes it puts some pop stars to shame. Whether its a tattered jacket that looks like he could be a ringmaster at a dark carnival, bat wings, flowing robes, or a rhinestone studded jacket that made him look like a Satanic lounge singer. After a few songs as is accustomed at Ghost shows Papa takes a breather and engages the fans. He asked the crowd if they were drinking anything to the reply of a roaring crowd or maybe a little something in the parking lot before the show. Then asked if they liked movies and began playing ‘Hunter’s Moon’ that was used in last years ‘Halloween Kills’ movie. Even the Nameless Ghouls seemed to get into the antics when near the end of one song one of them held a note for a long period of time and then another came over and held his finger to his face in a be quiet kind of gesture but he just kept holding the note. Nearing the end of the set they played a cover of ‘Enter Sandman’, off of last year’s ‘Metallica Blacklist’ covers collection.

Halloween Kills – “Hunter’s Moon”