Saturday night The Regrettes brought their girl-group power-pop punk to the adoring fans at Delmar Hall.

Front woman Lydia Knight although only 21 has been performing since 2012 and with her band ‘Pretty Little Demons’ became the youngest performers to play South by Southwest knows how to work the stage and keep the fans engaged in the show. I fell in love with the band sometime back in 2018 after hearing a few songs in a Spotify playlist and went to see them at Off Broadway that same year. Lydia asked the crowd what day it was and she said are you sure its Sunday as it feels like Monday to me and kicked into the single ‘Monday’ that was released last year and could show up on their new album ‘Further Joy’ that is slated to be released later this year. About halfway into the set during ‘Picture Perfect’ Lydia asked that anyone who does not identify as female needs to back up as she wanted an all girl mosh pit and did not want anyone to feel creeped out by any guys . During ‘Girlfriend/Go Love You’ Lydia made her first of many trips down into the pit to sing amongst fan as she went from one side of the pit to the other standing on the barricade holding out the mic to the fans. The band closed the night with ‘More Than a Month’ with