Friday night Beach Bunny played a sold out show at Delmar Hall in St. Louis, MO for the second to last show on their Blame Game tour. The show was rescheduled from April of last year due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Front woman Lili Trifilio and told the crowd that she had Red Bull and was ready to have some fun. The band opened with ‘Prom Queen’ and it was apparent from the first song that it was going to be a sing along kind of night. Around the third song ‘Cuffing Season’ a fan tossed a bunny ear headband on stage and after the song Trifilio asked the crowd if she should put them on. She ended up wearing them for the rest of the set. Trefoil periodically throughout the night asked the crowd to participate whether it was scream good girls don’t get used during ‘Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)’, asking for the crowd to form a circle pit before ‘Sports’, having the crowd just flat out scream as she said she needed some energy as the Red bull was not working, or having everyone crouch down and then jump back up after the buildup of a song (I did not take notes so can’t remember what song it was). Trifilio talked a bit about their Christmas song ‘Christmas Caller’. She also said that this song was going to be a Christmas song but then she was dumped in April before playing ‘April’. Near the end of the set Trifilio said that she could see a lot of dads out in the crowd to which bassist Anthony Vaccaro replied you guys are changing peoples lives. The band closed out the set with crowd favorite ‘Cloud 9’. When the band returned for the encore Trifilio said ‘Even if you don’t know the lyrics go hard on this song.’ and the band kicked into a fun cover of ‘Hot n Cold’ by Katy Perry and then closed out the night with ‘Painkiller’. If you get the chance to see Beach Bunny I would highly recommend it.