As soon as the band took stage charismatic Luke Spiller starts working the crowd into a frenzy before kicking into ‘Primadonna Like Me’ off their second album ‘Young & Dangerous’. The Struts’ Luke Spiller is the musical love child of ‘Queen’s’ Freddie Mercury and ‘The Rolling Stone’s’ Mick Jagger. Spiller has the flamboyance of Freddie Mercury, the Swagger of Mick Jagger, and commands the stage better than musicians that have been around twice as long as The Struts. Spiller even has a Freddie Mercury Pop figure sitting on his piano. Around midway into the set the band slowed things down a bit and brought out one of their guitar techs as bassist Jed Elliott was not with the band for their St. Louis stop.

After the bit of slowing things down the band kicked it up a notch with ‘Another Hit of Showmanship’, the first single off of their third album ‘Strange Days’ followed by a roaring cover of The Rolling Stones ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ (funnily enough the Stones had just kicked off their ‘No Filter’ tour here is St. Louis just a little over a week prior to tonight). Then closing out the set with ‘Wild Child’ and ‘I Do It So Well’ before Luke Spiller came back out by himself and performed ‘One Night Only’ solo on piano before the band came back and played ‘Strange Days’ and closing out the night with ‘Could Have Been Me’ proving to all the naysayers that say rock is dead.