Saturday night at Saint Louis Music Park KSHE 95 had its 54th Birthday Party featuring Alice Cooper w/ special guest Ace Frehley. KSHE was one of the very first radio stations to play rock music on the FM band and now is longest running rock station in the world.

The night got off with a few problems. On the way to the show I had made sure that I had enough time to get there to catch Ace Frehley but when I got closer to the venue traffic was backed up due to two other concerts and a hockey game. On top of it Frehley ended up going on a bit ahead of schedule.

My first introduction like many to Alice Cooper was ‘Schools Out’. After that it would not be till the Wayne’s World soundtrack that had ‘Feed My Frankenstein’ on it and to my delight was the opening song tonight. When you have been playing for over fifty years and have put out twenty eight albums it can be hard to please fans as but you could never tell as everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Feed My Frankenstein   

No More Mr. Nice Guy   

Bed of Nails   

Rock & Roll (The Velvet Underground cover)   

Fallen in Love   

Go Man Go   

Under My Wheels   

He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)   

Social Debris   

I’m Eighteen   


Billion Dollar Babies   

Roses on White Lace   

My Stars   

Devil’s Food   

Black Widow Jam   


Dead Babies   

I Love the Dead  


Teenage Frankenstein   


School’s Out