As fans waited for Bishop Briggs to take the stage large screens at the back of the stage had a timer with a countdown counting down the minutes till she took the stage. I noticed Briggs jumping up and down warming herself up kind of like a boxer on the way to the ring. As the timer reached the final seconds the crowed counted down with it to zero. A retro video game screen that read ‘Song Selection: Champion’ appeared and Briggs took the stage and kicked things off with ‘Champion’ of her new album of the same name that was just released less than a week before the show. Before playing ‘Dark Side’ she talked about how when she wrote the song she was in a dark place and she would try and stay positive by repeating positive things over and over in hopes that they would come true.

Briggs knows how to command the stage as she is not one to stand around idly as she is almost always in motion whether she is bounces around the stage on the balls of her feet or hoping from one foot to the other as she stays in one spot. Roughly midway into the set Briggs did a three song medley of Stressed Out (21 Pilots) / I Write Sins Not Tragedies (Panic At the Disco!) / Welcome to the Black Parade (My Chemical Romance). The fans loved it as they sang along while parts of the music videos played in the background. Briggs slowed things down a bit for an acoustic version of ‘Dream’, an already powerful song that seems more powerful when stripped down. After closing down her set with’Baby’, a song about boyfriend Landon Jacobs of Sir Sly. Briggs did not stay off stage long before coming back and closed the night with ‘MY SHINE’ and her moody ‘River’.



Wild Horses Dark Side   

Hallowed Ground   

Be Your Love  


White Flag   

Stressed Out / I Write Sins Not Tragedies / Welcome to the Black Parade  

Dream (acoustic)  

Tattooed On My Heart   

Someone Else   

Hi Lo (Hollow)   

The Fire   





Miya Folick and Jax Anderson opened the show.