Tuesday night Indie rock legends Sleater-Kinney played to a near packed Pageant.

2019 saw some changes to not only Sleater-Kinney’s sound but also their lineup. Earlier this year long time drummer Janet Weiss left the band and with the release of their ninth studio album ‘The Center Won’t Hold’ their sound has moved more into the direction of pop.

The night started with Joseph Keckler. Keckler came out on stage with a large screen next to his microphone stand. He opened with ‘Shroom Aria’ (Shroom Trip Opera) about how he got high after eating shoom laced chocolate. The screen was so people could understand what he was singing as he sang most in a foreign language.

Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker took the stage backed by a trio of touring musicians, Angie Boylan Katie Harkin and Toko Yasuda. They kicked things off with the first two tracks of the new album ‘The Center Won’t Hold’ and ‘Hurry On Home’. It didn’t take long for fans to start pogoing in the pit as the band chugged along in a near two hour set consisting of a five song encore and playing the entirety of ‘The Center Won’t Hold’ and songs from a good portion of their previous albums.