The last time Ladytron played Chicago was back in 2011. Wednesday night saw a triumvirate return to the legendary Metro.

Although it was cold outside local DJ Hiroko Yamamura got the crowd dancing early and warmed the place up along with local Electronic/Shoegaze duo New Canyons.

Ladytron took the stage with ‘Forever Autumn’ by The Moody Blues, and an animated cover of their sixth studio album ‘Ladytron’ projected behind them. Synths and drums collided on ‘Black Cat’ sung by Mira Aroyo in her native Bulgarian. If Aroyo’s vocals were not hypnotic enough the audio visuals were there to help with geometric shapes, floating bodies, and a kaleidoscope of colors. About midway into the set Helen Marnie told the crowd that they had a new album out and asked if anyone bought it then jokingly said I heard some nos. Foe a band that has been around as long as Ladytron it would be easy to rely on a set that was heavily filled with older songs but they played a perfect blend of old and new with seven of the seventeen songs off the new self titled album taking spots in the seventeen song set. The night was closed out with fan favorite ‘Destroy Everything You Touch’. Ladytron showed that even though you go on a long hiatus you can come back and make it seem like you didn’t even skip a beat.


Black Cat

The Island


Soft Power

The Animals

Paper highways



Far From Home

Fighting in Built Up Areas

International Dateline

You’ve Changed

White Elephant



White Gold


Destroy Everything You Touch