Wednesday night Austin, Texas Indie Rock band Spoon played to a near sold out Pageant.


Walker Lukens and his band kicked the night off. The singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist based who is based out of Austin, Texas at times sounds a bit like Arcade Fire.

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By the time it was time for Spoon to take the stage the pit had filled to near capacity. The band kicked things off with ‘Do I Have to Talk You Into’ off 2017 ‘Hot Thoughts’, their ninth full length studio album. Over the course of an hour-and-a-half set Spoon played songs off just about every album from their back catalogue. Britt Daniel chatted a bit between songs saying that the band had came into town the previous day and spent their time bowling, walking around the area, and having local barbecue three times since they came into town.

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Set list:

Do I Have to Talk You Into It

Inside Out

I Turn My Camera On

Trouble Comes Running

Knock Knock Knock

Do You

Via Kannela

I Ain’t the One

Hot Thoughts


Can I Sit Next to You

My Mathematical Mind

Don’t Make Me a Target

The Underdog

Got Nuffin


I Summon You (Britt solo)

Metal Detektor

You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb

Rent I Pay