Friday night singer, songwriter, and actress Hayley Kiyoko sold out Delmar Hall on her tour in support of her debut studio album ‘Expectations’.


As I walked to the photo pit I could see many gay pride flags throughout the crowd. It was not surprising though as she has had a big impact on the LGBTQ community and has even been dubbed ‘Lesbian Jesus’ by her fans.

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Canadian singer-songwriter Allie X started the night off. Allie X came out on stage with a large pink dress and a white veil with a face painted on it and started the night with ‘Bitch’ off her 2015 debut EP ‘CollXtion I’. Allie Over the course of several songs she slowly changed her appearance. First taking off the veil and putting on sunglasses. Then she took off the pink dress to revile a black outfit on underneath. She eventually took off the blond wig. She reminded me a bit of Lady Gaga.

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As the lights went down the fans went wild. Hayley’s backing band came out on stage and images started flashing on screens set up at the back of the stage. Hayley came out and kicked into ‘Under the Blue’ off her debut album ‘Expectations’. Fans in the front row had flowers in hand and sane along with every word. ‘What I Need’ followed and then her break out song ‘Girls Like Girls’ off of her ‘This Side of Paradise’ EP. After finishing she engaged the crowd for a bit and at one point a bra landed perfectly on her mic stand. She commented that in all of her shows she has never had a bra land perfectly on her mic stand. Hayley closed the set with ‘Gatekeeper’. It wasn’t long before she came out and did a one song encore with the song ‘Gravel To Tempo’. All in all the night was a perfect night for singing and dancing and having fun among a community that is there for each other.