Saturday night the pinkies came out in full force to sell out Girli’s second ever show in the US at The Empty Bottle in Chicago.

I came across Girli completely due to Spotify playing ‘Hot Mess’ after listening to some songs by fellow British singer Suzi Wu sometime around the release of ‘Odd One Out’. The song hooked me instantly and I ordered a copy online as soon as I got home. Since that day she has climbed up to one of my top ten most listened to artiest according to since joining back in 2005 and one of my top five since I started to listen to her in 2019.

Several weeks before the show I joined Girli’s Discord so that I would know a few people going to the concert that night and have people to chat with before the show. I was shocked that I was not the only person that was driving up from the St. Louis area for the show and that a few people were traveling from even farther locations like Florida and even a fan from London was flying in to catch her New York, Chicago, and L.A shows.

DJ Fingy got the sold out crowd warmed up to what was an amazing night of dancing, singing and cheering so loud that at one point Girli had to restart the the song as she could not hear the intro.  The night started off with the 2020 single ‘Has Been’ and the crowd sang along to every word from that point on with the exceptions of two unreleased songs. The first unreleased song was ‘Cheap Love’, a song that Girli said she wrote about how when you start dating someone and do not have any money and going on dates to places like the park. The second unreleased song is called ‘Inner Child’ a song about dating someone who was not emotionally available. After the first couple songs Girli asked the crowd what the fascination with St. Patrick’s day as the river is green and loads of people around town were dressed in green so she decided to wear a green sweater.

For people not familiar with Girli she is very vocal on LGBTQ+ rights and sings about feminism, sexuality, queer culture, and mental health.  She brought up that a lot of her songs are about her mental health and how writing them is a kind of therapy. She was so scared that she would go on this tour and no one would show up and her she is on the second night of the tour and both shows have been sold out. She also said that both our countries are taking away people’s rights and that Trans lives mater.

The set was closed out with ‘Leter To My Ex’ but it didn’t take long for her to come back out for an encore with all the fans chanting Girli! Girli! and close the night out with ‘I Really F**ked It Up’ and her bigiest hit ‘More Than a Friend’, a song she said is about falling for one of her friends and that maybe some of the people are in the crowd tonight and have been wanting to tell their friend that they like them or want to kiss them but to make sure it is consensual.

Girli brought along FABER, a singer-songwriter from South London, to perform with her on this tour.

At the end of the night Girli took the time to take pictures, sign things, and chat with any and all fans.

It is hard to pick out any stand out spots tonight as this was a bucket list show for me and every part of the night was amazing. I really hope to see her tour the states again sooner than later. If she does come back to the states I will be buying a ticket again the day they go on sale because she is not to be missed live. If you get the chance to catch any of her remaining shows I would go if I were you.

Set List:

Has Been

I Don’t Like Myself   

Not That Girl   

Imposter Syndrome   

Girl I Met On The Internet   

Hot Mess   

Cheap Love  

Day Month Second   

Friday Night Big Screen  

Inner Child   


Letter to my Ex   


I Really F**ked It Up   

More Than A Friend