Thursday night Wolf Alice played to a near sold out Cannery Ballroom in Nashville, Tennessee. I have been following this band closely since catching them back in May of 2015 at the now closed Demo in St. Louis, Mo to a crowd of around 25-30 people just a few months before their debut album ‘My Love Is Cool’ was released.  This would be my fourth time seeing the North London band and watching them progress through each album. The band opened with ‘Smile’, the second single off their new album ‘Blue Weekend’. Throughout the night bassist Theo Ellis and guitarist Joff Oddie would whip up the crowd to get them going even though the crowd really didn’t need it as it was a night of nonstop sing along and dancing. Before playing ‘Bros’ Theo Ellis told the crowd that the band would be going over to Kid Rock’s bar after the show (I am not sure if they ended up going or not). Within half a second of the opening notes of ‘Play the Greatest Hits’ it felt like the Big Bang with the crowd bursting into a full on moshpit. Slowing things down a bit Ellie Rowsell sat down on the edge of the stage and looked at guitarist Joff Oddie and asked him whose idea was it to eat BBQ before the show? Following a bit of laughter from the crowd and Joff grabbing his stomach like it was a bit upset they played the nights slowest number ‘No Hard Feelings’. The band closed the set with ‘Mona Lisa Smile’. The band came back for a one song encore with the synth-heavy ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’. With another show in the books I can’t wait to see where the band goes next on their journey.