Thursday night Bully played to a near sold out crowd at Off Broadway.

The band is out on tour for their third album ‘Sugaregg’, the first recorded as a solo project of frontwoman Alicia Bognanno.  The band lead things off with the opening track ‘Add It On’ off ‘Sugaregg’.  Shortly after ‘Come Down’ Alicia Bognanno talked to the crowd a bit saying how she always enjoyed the crowds in St. Louis. She remembered the last time they played here she forgot the lyrics to ‘Trash’ and the crowd ended up singing it for them. She also asked if anyone had noticed that she messed up during ‘Come Down’. During ‘I Remember’ Alicia Bognanno was thrashing around so hard she unplugged her microphone but the crowd was singing along to make up for the time it took her to plug back in.The band closed the night out strong with the band’s first proper single ‘Milkman’ off their 2014’s self titled release.

Cincinnati’s Tweens opened the night.


Add It On   


Feel the Same   


Where to Start   


Come Down   

Let You   

Stuck in Your Head   



Every Tradition   



I Remember   

Hours and Hours   

Kills to Be Resistant