Saturday night Lindsey Stirling played to the largest crowd yet in attendance at the new Saint Louis Music Park in Maryland Heights, MO.  

Stirling who made it to the quarter finals on America’s Got Talent in 2010 but did not make the cut and was told that she would not be able to fill a large venue without being in a band or having a singer. Eleven years later with five albums, numerous tours and an autobiography under her belt she has proven them all wrong.

Before playing ‘Master of Tides’ Stirling talked about how she was obsessed with pirates and went to her first party in L.A. and was told that it was a Peter Pan themed party so she showed up dressed as a pirate and no one else was dressed up. She ended up titling her autobiography ‘Only Pirate at the Party’ after this. She then introduced two of her backup dancers, Addie and Jess, and then explained that the crowd would be participating in a choose your own adventure.  During the song at various points two choices would appear on the screen and the one that had the loudest cheer would be what the dancers would perform. The first was ‘Sweep the deck’ or ‘Pick Lindsey’s pockets’. ‘Pick Lindsey’s pockets’ was chosen and had the dancers playfully sneak up on Stirling dancing the whole time taking odds and end from her like t-shirts that were thrown into the crowd. The final choice ended up being ‘Make Lindsey Captain’ or ‘Mutiny’. Mutiny and the dancers blindfolded Stirling and hoisted her up by wires and played about 4-5 feat suspended in the air. This would not be the last time that she would be lifted into the air with the wire rigging. Once she was upside down and spinning while playing and then again during ‘Between Twilight’, a song she describes as a lullaby from the moon, she was lifted around twenty feet with 4 ribbons to the ground that dancers grabbed and danced around with. It kind of reminded me of a Maypole.

Highlights for me for the night were ‘Master of Tides’, ‘Love Goes On and On’ featuring a prerecorded video performance of Amy Lee on vocals, and ‘Don’t Let This Feeling Fade’ featuring a prerecorded video performance of Lecrae on vocals, and her message of ‘Don’t ever believe that you’re not good enough, or not talented enough, or don’t work hard enough, or that your weird as everyone has their own weirdness’.