Saturday night at Delmar Hall was forty four years in the making as British punk band The Adicts played their first show in St. Louis. Still after forty four years the band is still comprised of three original band members, front man Keith “Monkey” Warren, drummer Michael “Kid” Dee and his brother lead guitarist Peter Dee. As the band took stage drummer Michael “Kid” Dee stood up on his drum kit looking out over the crowd as the rest of the band takes the stage. Warren enters shrouded in a winged cape with his traditional bowler hat and Joker face paint and takes his place center stage. He walked around the stage a bit with arms spread out resembling a peacock. The band kicked things off with ‘Let’s Go’ and it didn’t take long for the pit to get going. People began crowd surfing and one fan attempted to get on stage and was kicked out of the venue. During ‘Joker in the Pack’ Warren took a deck of playing cards and tossed them out to the crowd then when finished pulled two large joker cards out that had the Adicts logo on them.

Opening bands for the night were:

Bastard Squad – From St. Louis

The Bad Man – From Minneapolis

The Radio Buzzkills – From St. Louis