Saturday night the Foo Fighters brought their Concrete and Gold tour to St. Louis and blew the roof of Enterprise Center. The band has been on tour for their latest album for the last year and a half. I have been lucky to catch two shows on this tour. This one and the one in Champaign, IL last November.


I was running late due to traffic and missed the opening band Gang of Youths.

As soon as the lights went down the place erupted with screams and cheers. The Foos don’t mess around when coming out on stage. Dave and company are not ones to mess around and jumped into the first single off ‘Concrete and Gold’ ‘Run’.  They brought out three female background singers as they continued with a few more songs from their new album ‘The Sky Is A  Neighborhood’ and ‘La Dee Da’.


After ‘La Dee Da’ and before playing ‘Sunday Rain’ drummer Taylor Hawkins treated fans to an epic drum solo as his drum kit was raised thirty feet in the air.

Periodically throughout the night Dave would give a shut out to old school fans before playing songs off of earlier albums even at one point pointing to a fan in the front row saying that this song isn’t for you but it’s for your dad.


During band introductions guitarist Chris Shiflett was told to give the crowd a solo. Aftyer he was finished Dave said this is a rock concert and people want to hear a rock solo not whatever that was. People paid their hard earned money to see a rock show. At the end of guitarist Chris Shiflett second solo he points out a fan with a prostatic leg and says to get that man a beer. Dave one ups him and says no get that man a margarita, give that mother fucker a margarita stat. As the roadie goes to give him one a second man with a prostatic raises it in the air and Dave was in disbelief and said to get him one too. Then a third man holds his up and he too was given a margarita. Dave said this is not my first time in St. Louis. I have been coming here for over 26 years and this is the fucking coolest show we have ever played here.

After a little bit of ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ and a keyboard solo Dave talked to the crowd a bit with John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ playing in the background. He talked about how he had a history with this town, playing shows at Mississippi Nights, shitting his pants the first time going up in the Arch, spending all his per diem at the Bowling hall of fame and museum. Then talked about how music can bring people together and that this song was written for a reason (Imagine was still playing in the background) and that this one song can bring us all together. Then asks the crowd to sing it with him and he starts to sing the words to Van Halen’s ‘Jump’. After two more covers the Ramones ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ and Queen’s ‘Under Pressure’, with Taylor Hawkins singing and Dave on drums. Dave joked that there is more members of Foo Fighters than members of Slipknot.

Dave announced to the crowd that the remaining songs were going to be more for the old school fans and ‘My Hero’, ‘Monkey Wrench’, and ‘Best of You’ before leaving the stage. After a few minutes the large screens lit up with a night vision view of Dave drinking a margarita listening to the crowd cheering. Dave held up a finger and mouthed one more then gone. You could see Taylor moving around behind him and he held up two fingers to which the crowd erupted. Dave looked behind him and shook his head and held up one finger again to which the crowd let out a loud boo. Taylor held up two and again the crowd let out a loud cheer. Dave finally gave in and said two songs and then were gone and Taylor holds up three fingers and Dave looked at him and shook his head holding up two and saying two and gone. In the end The crowd was treated to a three song encore of ‘Dirty Water’, bringing out the three background singers, ‘This is a Call’, and then ended the night with probably their best known and loved song ‘Everlong’ off of arguably their best album ‘The Colour and the Shape’.


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Set list:


  1. Run
  2. The Sky Is a Neighborhood
  3. La Dee Da
  4. Drum Solo
  5. Sunday Rain
  6. Something From Nothing
  7. Walk
  8. These Days
  9. Arlandria
  10. The Pretender
  11. Times Like These
  12. All My Life
  13. Learn to Fly
  14. Breakout
  15. Guitar Solo / Another One Bites the Dust / Keyboard Solo
  16. Imagine / Jump Play Video Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones cover)
  17. Under Pressure (Queen cover)
  18. My Hero
  19. Monkey Wrench
  20. Best of You




  1. Dirty Water
  2. This Is a Call
  3. Everlong