On Thursday September 6th, Ed Sheeran returned to St. Louis after cancelling his show last year due to the riots for his stadium tour promoting his new album Divide.

English singer and songwriter, Anne-Marie kicked off the packed show at Busch Stadium. She sang her hit song “Rockabye” which she recorded with Sean Paul. Anne-Marie sang other songs off her  debut album Speak Your Mind from April of this year. The songs “Friends” and “Ciao Adios” has her fans sing along, but it was the song “2002” that really had the crowd going. “2002” features lyrics from popular songs from the year 2002 as the chorus. Anne-Marie additional shared an important message about loving who you are, with the song “Perfect.”


The next act was Northern Irish band, Snow Patrol, who opened their set with the song “Chocolate.” Before playing the song “Run,” which features the lyrics “light it up,” Gary Lightbody told the crowd about a time when the lights went out when they played the song. Gary Lightbody and Johnny McDaid were left on stage to sing a beautiful rendition of their song “ What if This is All the Love You Ever Get?” Snow Patrol ended their set with their hit song, “Chasing Cars,” off their fourth album Eyes Open.

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Finally it was time for the Ed Sheeran and he did not disappoint. Ed started his show with his second release from his album Divide, “Castle on the Hill.” After finishing the song, Ed talked to the crowd about how hot it was and how he was not used to the weather. He then drank a whole bottle of water in one drink. He went on to sing “Eraser” and his Grammy award winning song “A-Team.” After that, Ed told the audience to dance and sing, even if we weren’t go at it and demonstrated what a bad dancer he was. He explained how he liked seeing how fans get into concerts, because he only does it in his head. He went on to say he wanted the audience to lose their voices. While performing the song “Don’t,” about being cheated on, Ed added lyrics from “New Man,” a song about an ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend. Fans loved it and shouted the line “He’s got his eyebrows plucked and his asshole bleached.” Before the song “Bloodstream” Ed spoke to the audience again about getting into the songs. He said 98% of the crowd was dancing and singing, but 2% would not. That 2% were made up of boyfriends dragged there and super-dads. The super-dads thought the tickets were to expensive, but we’re here for their daughters. Ed went on to sing fan favorites such as “Happier,” “Galway Girl,” and “Tenerife Sea.” When he sang “I See Fire,” from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, he started with the Michael Buble’ song “Feeling Good.” During the song “Photograph” pictures from Ed’s childhood were showing on the screen behind him. The last song before the encore was “Nancy Mulligan” about how his grandparents, William Sheeran and Nancy Mulligan met. When Ed came out for the encore he was wearing a Wainwright Jersey. He sang “Shape of You” as his first encore song. He then cleared the stage so he could sing “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You,” which involves a lot of jumping, dancing and running all while Ed was rapping. Ed ended the show by throwing his jersey to one lucky fan.

Written by: Danielle Lounsberry

Photos by: Dustin Winter