Friday night Cardinal Copia and his Nameless Ghouls played to a sold out Peabody Opera House. 


The crowd started taking their seats. Some of them were dressed as previous lead singers Papa Emeritus I, II, and III and a few as current lead singer Cardinal Copia. Several women were dressed as Satanic/Slutty nuns. The Nameless Ghouls came out and started to play “Ashes”. New lead singer Cardinal Copia came out dressed in an all black suit and took command of the stage for the rest of the night. The second song of the night “Rats” is the first single off their new album “Prequelle”. During “Miasma” Papa Nihil came out and performed a sax solo. The stage went black and when the lights went back up Cardinal Copia came back out in a white suit and black hat with white band and a cane. Three nameless ghouls came out with acoustic guitars and sat on the steps causing Copia to as if they were comfortable. The three ghouls and Copia then played an acoustic version of  “Jigolo Har Megiddo” and Copia asked the crowd to clap along with the song. Copia kind of reminded me a bit of a lounge singer the way he walked back and forth on the stage and chatted casually with the crowd between songs. Two more songs followed before the band went off for a fifteen minute intermission.

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After the  intermission Ghost came back one stage with one ghoul playing guitar then the other two came on before Cardinal Copia came out in a red cardinal robe and hat. After a few more songs he again changed outfits back into a black suit.  After the 2nd song of act 2 Cardinal Copia asked the crowd if they took a piss and got something to drink  “Seeing as its Friday night should you should get drunk”. Before playing a new song called Faith. After “Year Zero”, “He Is”, and “Prime Mover” Copia asked  the crowd if they wanted a really heavy fucking song and launched into “Mummy Dust”. Towards the end of the song 2 confetti canons went off showering the crowd. After the song Copia assured the crowd that it was not real mummy dust.


During a cover of ‘If You have Ghosts’ by Roky Erickson Cardinal Copia introduced each member of the band one at a time as ghoul. When he got to the female keyboard players it was ghoulets. The just under two and a half hour set came to a close with “Square Hammer”. The band did not stay gone for long though as they came out to play a one song encore with “Monstrance Clock”.


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