Before Friday night’s show at Off Broadway I had not listened to Tacocat before. The Seattle, Washington band plays a mix of bubblegum pop and riot grrrl and won me over as a fan very quickly. You could close your eyes and hear bits of “Bikini Kill’s” front woman Kathleen Hanna especially on songs like ‘Plan A, Plan B’ and ‘Men Explain Things to Me’. Emily Nokes with tambourine in hand and wild dance moves is the front woman of Tacocat.  Tacocat does not shy away from feminism, whether it is singing about periods (“Crimson Wave”), catcalling (“Hey Girl”) or their love of “X-Files” heroine Dana Scully. The band is currently touring their new album “Lost Time”.

Touring with Tacocat is Nashville, Tennessee three-piece Daddy Issues sound is like a throw back to 90’s grunge. Their debut “Can We Still Hang” (Infinity Cat) was released last year and the band was named “The Best of What’s Next” by Paste magazine. The band is definitely that. It is not very often that I go to a concert and fall in love with an opening band.

Local rockers Baby, Baby Dance with Me opened the show. I really could not get into them. Not saying that they were not good musicians, just seemed like they were pulling in too many directions.



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