Saturday night Post Malone powered through his set at Enterprises Center in St. Louis after falling into a hole and bruising his ribs.

As the lights went down the crowd erupted and Post Malone entered the stage from a trapdoor at the center of the main stage shrouded by smoke and red lights and kicked things off with ‘Reputation’ off his new album Twelve Carat Toothache. It was the only time that he stayed on the main stage throughout the night as he spent a majority of his time walking down the three walkways that went into the crowd. During every song Posty took time to high five and shake fans hands that were outstretched and the fans gave back 110% by singing along to every song. Around midway into the set he told the crowd that “if anyone needs to use the restroom now’s the time to go as this is the most boring part of the night’ as he sat down on a stool and played Stay, Go Flex, and part of Circles on an acoustic guitar. During the second half of Circles he walked out to the edge of the stage and on his way back to where his guitar and stool were at the trapdoor had not been put back in place and he fell into it hitting his chest on one side of the hole. After about 5 minutes with medical assistance and crew attending him he got to his feat and told the crowd to give him about 5 minutes as he was helped off stage. Around fifteen minutes later he came back out to a rowing crowd and chants of Posty and apologized to the crowd and said he would give them a few more songs. He continued the set with rockstar, Cooped Up (with Roddy Ricch), Sunflower, Congratulations, and White Iverson. Throughout the last five songs you could see that he was still in a lot of pain as he was holding one of his arms against his ribs for most of the remaining songs. I am not sure how many artists would have continued to perform after something like this but Post Malone did just that and even ended up taking the time to sign things for fans before saying goodnight.

On Sunday Post Malone sent out a video to apologize to St. Louis He said: “St. Louis, I’m so fucking sorry I ruined the show tonight, ladies and gentleman,” he told fans. “I promise next time I come around, I won’t fucking wreck y’all’s night, I’m sorry for that. That being said, fuck… That being said, I want to thank you for your patience and I’m sorry.” “There was a big-ass hole in the middle of the stage that I busted my ass on,” he continued. “I want to say thank you to everybody for hanging in there and thank you to everybody for… I got the best fucking fans in the world.”

Roddy Ricch