Wednesdasy night Suzi Wu killed it at Schubas Tavern in Chicago, IL.


I was introduced to Suzi Wu about two years ago by Stephen ‘Tav’ Taverner, Ash’s former manager. He posted a link on Facebook for the video for ‘Taken Care Of’ and from that point I was hooked. Other people took notice too. Jared Leto posted on his Twitter acct “Great song + video, @therealsuziwu. Should have 20mm views, not 20k!! Check it out.”, and people did. Two years latter Suzi Wu has just released here second EP and has been signed to Def Jam.

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This was a show that I had really been looking forward to since it was announced as most musical acts from the UK that I end up liking either never play the states or if they do it ends up being what many overseas bands call a North American tour (shows in LA, New York, Austin and maybe with a show in Boston, San Francisco, or a stop in Canada).

Suzi Wu and her backing band came out and she talked to the crowd a bit then played ‘Teenage Witch’ off her first EP of the same name. Up next was ‘Grim Reaper’, the first single off her new EP ‘Eror 404’. Suzi asked the crowd if they knew who Tom Waits was and the crowd gave a large cheer at which point she declared that she loved Chicago before diving into her cover of Tom Waits ‘Jockey Full Of Bourbon’. The first new song of the night was called ‘Reason’ and fans were able to start singing along to the chorus and Suzi took that opportunity to put the mic in front of a fan and have them sing it. ‘Error 404’ was up next. This song is tied right now with ‘Hungry’ as my favorite songs as both are catchy as hell. Throughout the set Suzi Wu said she can’t wait to come back to the states for another tour with this being her first tour in America not counting her performances at SXSW in 2018. Before closing her set she told crowds she would love to do an encore but she doesn’t have anything else prepared and insisted that she didn’t want the night to end. The closing song of the set was another new song titled ‘Eat Them Apples’ and was dedicated to all the girls in the crowd. Suzi Wu said “If you ever find someone in your life who tells you to be smaller, less loud, take up less space, be like Eve and eat the apple. Gain the knowledge.”


Teenage Witch

Grim Reaper

Jockey Full of Bourbon

Reason (new song)

Error 404

Negative (new song)




Taken Care Of

Eat Them Apples (new song)