Fans showed up early for the sold out Ween show at the Pageant Saturday night. On my way from my car to the venue I saw a group of about 15-20 people tailgating in the parking lot. Once inside I made my way down to the photo pit and chatted with some of the fans at the front of the pit. One fan asked me if I was going to the two shows at Red Rock Amphitheatre in Colorado. She also gave me a Ween pin featuring their mascot/logo Boognish. Many of the people I talked to throughout the night were from out of town. This show marked the first show in a while and the first on small eleven date tour.  Even Dean Ween made a comment that it was a long time since they had played live and that they had a lot of ground to cover tonight. When the band announced ‘Pork Roll Egg and Cheese’ the crowd erupted. The whole night the crowd danced, swayed and sang along to just about every song. As the night drew to a close Ween finished off their set with ‘You Fucked Up’. Ween ended up coming back for not just one encore but two. The first was three songs  ‘She Fucks Me’, ‘The Stallion’, and ‘Buckingham Green’. The second one was just ‘Never Squeal’.

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