Diet Cig is a pop-punk duo from New Paltz, New York consisting of Alex Luciano on guitar/vocals and Noah Bowman on drums. I will have to admit that Diet Cig flew under my radar until a little over a month ago. A friend of mine had posted a playlist on Facebook and I took a listen to it. Tummy Ache was the first song on the list and after listening to it I had to hear more from them. I took to Spotify and listened to everything they had. The band released their debut album Swear I’m Good At This just this past April.


The band took the stage after opening acts Sports and local musician Andy Brohnen.  It was not long before Luciano was bouncing around the stage delivering high kicks and making the occasionally funny face at Bowman. Luciano’s energy is infectious as it didn’t take long for fans to dance and sing along to every word. Between songs, Luciano talked about going to City Museum and playing in the ball pit. It is really hard to pick a highlight of the night as from start to finish Diet Cig played their hearts out and kept the fans wanting more, but overall I would have to say that Tummy Ach, Blob Zombie, and Barf Day were the highlights of the night for me.

After the show the band stuck around and talked with fans and posed for pictures.

From a photographers point of view Diet Cig is one of the most fun bands that I have photographed in a long time. Between Alex Luciano jumping around on stage, doing high kicks, jumping onto the drum kit, and Noah Bowman making funny faces at me a few times while taking his picture it was never a dull moment.


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