For most concerts the standard for concert photographers is first three songs no flash, but this was not the case for this show. The opening band Of Mice & Men had a touring photographer, Manson was first song, and Slipknot was the standard first three.


Having seen Manson twice in the past the Antichrist Superstar seemed off. At times he stumbled thru songs seeming like he could not remember lyrics. The band on the other hand was tight and seemed to let Manson do his thing including cutting his had with a razor blade. Not deep enough to cause more than what looked like a cat scratch.

The lighting for Manson was a mix natural light and stage lighting. Even with the limit to one song Manson made up for it by playing it up for the photographers. Lucky for me my cousin gave me a heads up that Manson  threw bags of colored powder into the crowd so watch out for my camera.



For Slipknot we had to stay in one spot, most likely due to lead singer Corey Taylor having on a neck brace do to a spinal surgery to repair a fracture in his neck. The band definitely knows how to put on a show. The band came out in their signature masks and the stage was flanked in elevated stages that moved around with multiple drummers.

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For this show it was my standard gear along with my modified medium format (6×9) Kodak Medalist that has a Carl Zeiss 80mm 2.8 on it.

Camera Used:

Canon 5D Mark III

Lens Used:

Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM