Tuesday night Canadian electro-pop singer Lights made her return to Delmar Hall on her ‘Baby I’m Back Tour’ in support of her new album ‘PEP’.

Lights started the night off with ‘Prodigal Daughter’ the first single off her new album ‘PEP’. From the get go the fans were singing along to every word of every song. Backing Lights tonight were Brodie Tavares on guitar and keys and Jess Bowen, of The Summer Set, on drums. A few nights earlier in Boston Lights broke her foot during the last song of the set. She posted a message on Twitter the next day saying “I did in fact break my foot during the last song last night when I jumped into the crowd,” Lights tweeted, accompanied by some performance shots and one of her on crutches. “I will definitely do the rest of these shows, just less x games mode, but we are gonna kill it regardless. I love u all.” And that they did. Despite the broken foot Lights still danced and jumped around the stage. A few of the highlights for me from the night were ‘Prodigal Daughter’, ‘Running With the Boys’ (with Lights also covering ‘Fall Back Down’ by Rancid during the song), ‘Okay Okay’ (that saw tiLLie come out and perform along with Lights), and the nights closer ‘Salt and Vinegar’.  

If you want to have a fun energetic night of dancing and good music check her out next time she is in a town near you.


Prodigal Daughter  


Up We Go   

In My Head   


We Were Here   

Everybody Breaks a Glass   

When the Summer Dies   

Long Live   

February Air   

Real Thing   

Dead End   


Beside Myself   

Running With the Boys / Fall Back Down   

Okay Okay (with Tillie)   

Love Me   



Salt And Vinegar